I Owe You Pain

Thanks to bb Geena Carminucci for posing with me and making these amazing poses!

Geena’s credits HERE soon!
Join us on October 22nd-November 12th for a sim wide HUNT to collect a complete vampire slayer kit. Discover eleven items (wearable or rezzable on their own) and one final prize upon completion of your hunt. These 12 items are exclusive to The Bloodcroft Hunt and only available for the duration. Collect them all or join the immortal…either way, the Bloodcrofts look forward to seeing you.

Join the DRD in world group for more information on the hunt and how to play!  secondlife:///app/group/5f5ffeca-97bf-34ea-f89b-4d1d72effa74/about (copy and paste in Second Life chat)

Items from The Bloodcroft HUNT:
1 – DRD – TBH – Hunters Potions
3 – DRD – TBH – Hunters Bible – Female (add me)
4 – DRD – TBH – Hunters Holy Water (rez)
5 – DRD – TBH – Hunters Wolfsbane (rez)
8 – DRD – TBH – Hunters Scrolls (rez)
9 – DRD – TBH – Hunters Garlic (rez)
12 – DRD – TBH – Hunters Case – Open (rez)
12 – DRD – TBH – Hunters Case – Closed (rez)


Skin – DeeTaleZ CATWA Face Heidi (MIXEDTYPE)
Hair – Stealthic – Paradox
Jacket – Addams // Melissa Denim Jacket
Dress – Addams // Melissa Baby Doll

Items from The Bloodcroft Gacha Collection:
1 – DRD – Bloodcroft Castle – RARE
17 – DRD – Bloodcroft Castle – Coffin – Three
23 – DRD – Bloodcroft Castle – Crypt Candles – Four

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