Vice City

Ready for spy training 101? Be sure play the MadPea iSpy gacha at Man Cave to fuel your inner spy! 😉


MadPea iSpy gacha set including:
– MadPea iSpy Jet Pack RARE
– MadPea iSpy Decoder Machine RARE
– MadPea iSpy Agent Desk
– MadPea iSpy Agent Chair – Chestnut
– MadPea iSpy Secret Book
– MadPea iSpy Martini Set
– MadPea iSpy Garotte Watch – Brown
– MadPea iSpy 15PY Handgun- Silver
– MadPea iSpy 15PY Handgun- Black
– MadPea iSpy 15PY Handgun- Steel
– MadPea iSpy Sovereigns
– MadPea iSpy Poison Pen
– MadPea iSpy Blade Cane
– MadPea iSpy Cigarette Case

Taken in MINIMAL – Illuminate Backdrop #8 NEW @ The Epiphany

Other items I used:
dust bunny . potted cheese plant
dust bunny . potted palm
.peaches. Travelers Map
MyDeX Desktop // MUSCHI

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