Lan Party

NOMAD // Y2K PC Desk NEW @ Rewind
NOMAD // CD Spindles NEW @ Rewind
NOMAD // 56k Modem NEW @ Rewind
Ariskea[Legal Blonde] Pink Purse NEW @ Rewind

MadPea Y2K Game Gacha Including NEW @ Rewind
MadPea Y2K Game – Big Bulky Computer RARE
MadPea Y2K Game – Computer Desk
MadPea Y2K Game – CD Tower
MadPea Y2K Game – CD Player – Pink
MadPea Y2K Game – Desk Organizer
MadPea Y2K Game – Computer Chair
MadPea Y2K Game – Desk Lamp – Pink
MadPea Y2K Game – Clock Radio

Other Items I Used:
Vagabond – Neon Signage (Sweet Thing)
dust bunny . pilea peper plant
dust bunny . areca palm plant

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