These Scars Are The Way That You Loved Me

Ariskea [Natura] Gacha Set: NEW @ POCKETGACHA
Ariskea [Natura] Mossy Rabbit [RARE] NEW @ POCKETGACHA
Ariskea [Natura] Garden Chair Green [Poses] NEW @ POCKETGACHA
Ariskea [Natura] Garden Chair Blue[Poses] NEW @ POCKETGACHA
Ariskea [Natura] Tabletop dollies NEW @ POCKETGACHA
Ariskea [Natura] Avalon table NEW @ POCKETGACHA
Ariskea [Natura] Garden Pergola & Fences NEW @ POCKETGACHA
Ariskea [Natura] Cakes & Chocolate plate NEW @ POCKETGACHA
Ariskea [Natura] Easter eggs NEW @ POCKETGACHA
Ariskea [Natura] Hydrangea Green NEW @ POCKETGACHA
Ariskea [Natura] Hydrangea Blue NEW @ POCKETGACHA
Ariskea [Natura] Hydrangea violet NEW @ POCKETGACHA

+Half-Deer+ Beagle Puppy – Snuggle Party NEW @ The Arcade March 1st 2018
+Half-Deer+ Corgi Puppy – Wat did u say 2 me x NEW @ The Arcade March 1st 2018

Nutmeg. Vintage Small Table NEW @ MAINSTORE

Ariskea[Shy] Ivy Old window [ Summer] NEW @ FaMESHed

Other Items I Used:
tarte. wine ladder
-tres blah- Soiree – Lemonade RARE
dust bunny . brunch . fig cheese board . RARE
dust bunny . brunch . coconut muffins
dust bunny . brunch . heart waffle stack
dust bunny . brunch . hibiscus poached pear
dust bunny . hibiscus poached pear dish . exclusive
dust bunny . brunch . smoothie bowl
dust bunny . brunch . brioche loaf

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