Can I Call You Mine

The Epiphany (SIM // MIRROR SIM) runs from July 15th 10pm slt thru August 12th! Hurry!


Hair – `M.BIRDIE / Erial look. Hair-Light RARE NEW @ The Epiphany
Dress – `M.BIRDIE / Erial look. Dress maitreya RARE NEW @ The Epiphany
Shoes – `M.BIRDIE / Erial look. Shoes6 NEW @ The Epiphany
Bag – `M.BIRDIE / Erial look. Bag2 NEW @ The Epiphany
Choker 1 – `M.BIRDIE / Erial look. Necklace A 1 NEW @ The Epiphany
Choker 2 – `M.BIRDIE / Erial look. Necklace A 2 NEW @ The Epiphany
Necklace – `M.BIRDIE / Erial look. Necklace B-sliver NEW @ The Epiphany
Milkshake – dust bunny . sweet tooth . blueberry milkshake NEW @ The Epiphany
Bubble Wand – Anachron – Bubble Wand (wear me!) – Red Round

Decor info coming in following post!

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