Sleep Tight In A New Light

October is upon us once again, so that means a super spooky round of The Epiphany!! It opens on the 15th at 10pm SLT and runs until November 12th :O 

Main Sim TP –

Mirror Sim TP –

01_8f8 – forgotten secrets – within the ruins RARE NEW @ The Epiphany
02_8f8 – forgotten secrets – under the weather RARE NEW @ The Epiphany
03_8f8 – forgotten secrets – anima di concerto RARE NEW @ The Epiphany
04_8f8 – forgotten secrets – dance with your hands NEW @ The Epiphany
05_8f8 – forgotten secrets – broken but mended NEW @ The Epiphany
07_8f8 – forgotten secrets – treasured memories NEW @ The Epiphany
08_8f8 – forgotten secrets – old truth NEW @ The Epiphany
16_8f8 – forgotten secrets – locked in silence NEW @ The Epiphany
17_8f8 – forgotten secrets – private knowledge NEW @ The Epiphany
18_8f8 . forgotten secrets – messages from beyond NEW @ The Epiphany
19_8f8 – forgotten secrets – stuck in time NEW @ The Epiphany
22_8f8 – forgotten secrets – key is in the bottle NEW @ The Epiphany
27_8f8 – forgotten secrets – breaking free NEW @ The Epiphany
28_8f8 – forgotten secrets – carrie NEW @ The Epiphany
29_8f8 – forgotten secrets – can you read the sound? NEW @ The Epiphany
8f8 – forgotten secrets – perfect match The Epiphany Exclusive NEW @ The Epiphany

Foxwood – Sphynx Kitty – (static sit) Nude NEW @ The Summoning
Foxwood – Sphynx Kitty – (static lay) Drawn Nude NEW @ The Summoning

Other Items I Used:
HPMD* Shrub02


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