A Rooftop Party in Paris

Ho Ho Ho! The Holidays are here! That means a super special magical holiday edition of the The Epiphany has arrived to keep us warm! It opens on the 15th of December at 10pm SLT and runs until January 5th :O

Main Sim TP – https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Epiphany/88/133/989

Mirror Sim TP – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fuyumi/125/116/3139

Set – reBourne prefabs Moulin Rouge NEW @ Tlalli

Loft & Aria – Delaney Bold Sofa NEW @ Winter Shop & Hop
Loft & Aria – Barlow Foyer Table NEW @ Winter Shop & Hop

hive // santa’s cookie plate NEW @ Santa Inc
hive // santa’s milk . pink stripes NEW @ Santa Inc
hive // santa’s cookie stand NEW @ Santa Inc

01 – 8f8 Little Treats – Fortuna RARE NEW @The Epiphany
02 – 8f8 Little Treats – Sorpresa NEW @The Epiphany
03 – 8f8 Little Treats – AureaNEW @The Epiphany
04 – 8f8 Little Treats – Vitta NEW @The Epiphany
05 – 8f8 Little Treats – Papilia NEW @The Epiphany
06 – 8f8 Little Treats – Verdura NEW @The Epiphany
07 – 8f8 Little Treats – Sakura NEW @The Epiphany
08 – 8f8 Little Treats – Imaga NEW @The Epiphany
09 – 8f8 Little Treats – Memoria NEW @The Epiphany
10 – 8f8 Little Treats – Diva NEW @The Epiphany
11 – 8f8 Little Treats – Treasura NEW @The Epiphany
12 – 8f8 Little Treats – Craftia NEW @The Epiphany
13 – 8f8 Little Treats – Rustica NEW @The Epiphany

dust bunny . gingerbread carrousel NEW @ kustom9
dust bunny . gingerbread chateau NEW @ kustom9

{YD} Colorful christmas tree – Natural NEW @ Equal10

Other Items I Used:
Loft & Aria – Augustine Coffee Table

:::ChicChica::: MiniChampagne dispenser
:::ChicChica::: Bottle of Champagne
:::ChicChica::: Glass of Champagne

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