Hey everyone!! So, I’m not the best at writing and expressing how I’m feeling over text, so this may be short and boring lol!

I’ve decided over these last few months, after going back and forth about it with my closest friends, that it’s time for me to retire as a blogger. With work being crazy and everything, I’ve started exploring some RL hobbies.

I started blogging over 4 years ago with the intention of being able to express myself and meet new friends. At the time, it was just my bestie of 10 years Melanie and I. I can honestly say that I’ve met some of my BEST friends because of blogging. I don’t regret anything about the time or money I’ve spent blogging simply because of that.

To Melanie – Thank you so much, you’ve always been by my side since forever, and I fucking love you for that. Thanks for being the ear I used to complain in when blogging would get me down or upset. Thanks for always supporting me.

To Geena – Bitch, I fucking love you so much. Thanks for sharing your love and knowledge with me. Meeting you was one of my favorite things about blogging. I cannot wait to hang out in RL next year with you, max, and Melanie!

To Max – I am so lucky to have gotten closer with you this past year, and am so happy to call you one of my best friends bbcita Claudine!

To Hydra – You bitches are crazy and I love all of you. I’m so grateful to have found a group of friends that share the same sense of humor as me. Thanks for keeping me laughing on the daily, and thanks for supporting me in my new endeavors.

To My Simmates – Callie, Shocking, Geena, and Stef, I FUCKING LOVE LIVING WITH YOU HOES ❤ I am not going anywhere lmao

To Doutzen – Even though we don’t talk anymore, I really appreciate everything you did for me. You welcomed me with open arms when I was a new blogger and showed me the ropes. I was so happy to call you one of my best friends. I really do hope you’re well bitchyyy ❤

To my sponsors/mangers old and new – Thank you so much supporting me along this journey. Being able to show off all of your beautiful creations was the highlight of my journey.

To all of my friends and followers – THE BIGGEST thank you! Nothing kept me going more than logging on and seeing all of the love and support from everyone.

SOOOOOOOOOO PHEW! In the end, I want to say, for the millionth time, THANK YOU!! I wish and hope for nothing but the best for all my friends and fellow bloggers. This is not goodbye for SL for me, but for blogging.


Summer Vacation 2019!

Summer Vacation 2019!

Summer time is upon us once again!! My absolute FAVORITE time of the year! This year I am taking the whole month of June off of blogging. I’ve felt myself becoming distant with SL and blogging, and I  HATE that feeling. I feel like I really need this whole month off to focus on me, and my loved ones in SL, because without SL I wouldn’t have been able to meet some of the amazing people I’ve met over my 9 years here. I will be away from SL for the first week. For the rest of June, I want to spend this time with my SL family and friends who I low key neglect due to my blogging schedule. Thank the lord they are patient and we can always pick up where we leave off.

–  Love you guys –

SOOOOO with that said, See you all in July!! And ENJOY YOUR START TO SUMMER 2019!!!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

We’ve come to an end of another year. I feel like just last week I was saying goodbye for the 2017-2018 holiday break, and here I am doing it again!

This year flew by, and it was such a great year with ups and downs – a year with friends – a year with family – a year meeting new people – a year saying goodbye to people – a year of new accomplishments – the list can go on and on.

I am really blessed to have the family and friends I have on here. You all know who you are, and without you, I’d be lost in SecondLife. Thank you for all that you do 🙂

I am SO grateful to be able to express myself through my blog, and have all of the amazing designers and friends that support me.

To everyone, I wish you a VERY happy holiday, and a Happy New Year – may your year be filled with whatever makes you happy.

With Love,

Justine Lemton ❤

Summer Vacation 2018!

Summer Vacation 2018!

Happy weekend everyone! It’s that time of year again!! Cookouts, beaches, palm trees, ice cream, snowballs, friends, family, this list could go on forever! Whatever makes Summer special to you, I hope you get a lot of that this season.

I am taking 2 weeks off blogging, one of which going in a trip, and the other just hanging out with my friends in world without taking pictures.


PS – Sorry for the pic spam these past few days, was trying to clear out my folder! haha 😉 ❤

Gallant Magazine – “Once Upon A Dream”

Gallant Magazine – “Once Upon A Dream”

Sooooo honored to be invited for a 3rd time to have a feature in Gallant Magazine! Below are my photographs for my interpretation of “Once Upon A Dream.”

BUT WAIT!!! I’ve done this shoot a few weeks back, but I still have the land, and wish to open it to the public for a short time to visit and take their own photos! Landmark/Teleport is Below! I hope you enjoy this scene as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thank you Divos for including me, and look forward to many more! 

Teleport to One Upon A Dream – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pentacle/40/220/22