The Way It Was

The Way It Was

Got to take a pic with my new roomie the other night! Thank you Carol for posing with me bb! ❤

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Justine (Right) –

Hair – Foxy – Reina. NEW @ kustom9
Oufit – BUENO-Jumper NEW @ kustom9
Jacket – AMITOMO – Endless summer GACHA – RESIZE – 12
Earrings – OSMIA – Festival.Gacha – Earrings
Tapeman – Soy. TAPEMAN II Sports NEW @ kustom9
Headphones – Soy. TAPEMAN II – Headphone NEW @ kustom9

Carol’s Credits Here!

Toro. Party Zone Backdrop *Without Materials* NEW @ kustom9
Toro. Plant Lyf Vending Machine {Green} NEW @ kustom9
Toro. Plant Lyf Vending Machine {Pink} NEW @ kustom9

Other Items I Used:
dust bunny . elephant ear plant
dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter

MadPea Scooter – Small

Spring Days Off

Spring Days Off

You will never sit through awkward silences again with the MadChat party game!

Perfect for parties, to use at clubs or events, or just when hanging out with friends at home. Created by MadPea, this fun chat game supplies the questions and makes sure the conversation flows all night long. There is no right or wrong answer, just great conversation and lots of laughs. With over 150 questions in each pack, this game can be played again and again without fear of repetition.

Each game is simple – rez the MadChat card box and take it in turns to click for a random question. Before you know it you will be deep in conversation and learning more about each other with every turn.

MadPea MadChat – Fears, Fetishes & Fantasies NEW @ MAINSTORE
MadPea MadChat – Have You Ever… NEW @ MAINSTORE
MadPea MadChat – Step Back In TIme NEW @ MAINSTORE

Other Items I Used:
dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . mac & cheese
dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . cheese burger
dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . fry stand
dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . potato chips
.10 [ kunst ] – Cold-cola bottle / natural
.10 [ kunst ] – Cold-cola bottle / straw

Lan Party

Lan Party

NOMAD // Y2K PC Desk NEW @ Rewind
NOMAD // CD Spindles NEW @ Rewind
NOMAD // 56k Modem NEW @ Rewind
Ariskea[Legal Blonde] Pink Purse NEW @ Rewind

MadPea Y2K Game Gacha Including NEW @ Rewind
MadPea Y2K Game – Big Bulky Computer RARE
MadPea Y2K Game – Computer Desk
MadPea Y2K Game – CD Tower
MadPea Y2K Game – CD Player – Pink
MadPea Y2K Game – Desk Organizer
MadPea Y2K Game – Computer Chair
MadPea Y2K Game – Desk Lamp – Pink
MadPea Y2K Game – Clock Radio

Other Items I Used:
Vagabond – Neon Signage (Sweet Thing)
dust bunny . pilea peper plant
dust bunny . areca palm plant

Spy is Such a Short Ugly Word, I Prefer Espionage

Spy is Such a Short Ugly Word, I Prefer Espionage

MadPea Blazing Birds @ MANCAVE:
MadPea Blazing Birds – Bullet RARE
MadPea Blazing Birds – Bumblebee
MadPea Blazing Birds Helmet – Bullet RARE (add)
MadPea Blazing Birds Helmet – Bumblebee (add)

MadPea iSpy 15PY Handgun- Black (add)

DaD DESIGN Westbury Manor

Hair – little bones. Tachyon NEW @ Collabor88
Dress – Addams // Divine Dress

Vice City

Vice City

Ready for spy training 101? Be sure play the MadPea iSpy gacha at Man Cave to fuel your inner spy! 😉


MadPea iSpy gacha set including:
– MadPea iSpy Jet Pack RARE
– MadPea iSpy Decoder Machine RARE
– MadPea iSpy Agent Desk
– MadPea iSpy Agent Chair – Chestnut
– MadPea iSpy Secret Book
– MadPea iSpy Martini Set
– MadPea iSpy Garotte Watch – Brown
– MadPea iSpy 15PY Handgun- Silver
– MadPea iSpy 15PY Handgun- Black
– MadPea iSpy 15PY Handgun- Steel
– MadPea iSpy Sovereigns
– MadPea iSpy Poison Pen
– MadPea iSpy Blade Cane
– MadPea iSpy Cigarette Case

Taken in MINIMAL – Illuminate Backdrop #8 NEW @ The Epiphany

Other items I used:
dust bunny . potted cheese plant
dust bunny . potted palm
.peaches. Travelers Map
MyDeX Desktop // MUSCHI